EP Gear Oil

We provide Kalika EP Gear Oil, which is generally automotive gear oil that matches API GL-4 quality level. The paraffin base stock fortified by EP additives is used for formulating these oils, which we procured from reputed vendor base. This quality reserve product is non-leaded and is chemically & thermally stable under harsh conditions of high temperature and load.


  • Long life
  • Longer oil drain
  • Excellent gear performance
  • Great protection against high torque wear and low speed
  • Protected against high speed and low torque scoring


  • Recommended for drive axles and enclosed automotive manual transmission
  • Perfect for final drive of passenger cars, trucks and heavy vehicles
  • Operates perfectly under high-speed low torque, low speed high torque and shock loads
  • Useful in bevel, hypoid, spur and helical gearS
  • Outstanding performance in L-37 and L-42 bench test
  • Complies with the requirements of MIL-L -2105D, API GL-4 DB 235, ZF, Fuller transmission, MAN, Rockwell standard 0.76 Scania and Volvo


  • Formulated using selected base stock and sulfur phosphorous additives
  • The EP additive, which we use can form an adherent film on the metal surface
  • This further acts like a solid lubricant and prevents metal to metal contact under extreme loads and temperature
  • Deferments allow oil without bubbles to lubricate the gear surface.
  • Also avoid metal to metal contact