“SWAST AVIATION” is the Aviation Business Arm of the Swastik Group of Companies. The group was initially founded in the year 1986. The parent company M/s Swastik Oil Products Mfg.Navsari. Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 17025:2017(under process) certified company. The Company has state of the art manufacturing facility which is located in Navsari, Gujarat, INDIA (approx. 260Kms from Mumbai and 40Kms from Surat, Gujarat).The company has dedicated In-house AEROLUBE Research and Development team comprising of Specialist Engineers and Technicians who are constantly thriving for continuous rapid Indigenous development of Aviation Lubricants and enhance the quality and performance of our products to adhere to required standards and also achieve customized standards as per requirements by the End-User (MROs, Armed Forces, Air Forces, Naval Forces, Airports Authority and Commercial Aircraft managing agencies).

The Manufacturing division has specially designed equipments and machinery for precise and profound manufacturing and filling of Aviation Lubricants. The company is well known for producing world class speciality chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical products and intermediates, solvents for the dye, paints and pigment industry adhering to the global manufacturing standards. Swastik Group is the pioneer of Hydraulic Brake Fluid in Asia and one of the Largest manufacturer of Brake Fluid in Asia. The group is re-knowned for its specialization in wide product range from Aviation Lubricants and Industrial Lubricants, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas Drilling Fluids, Specialized Coolants, Hydraulic Brake fluids, Specialized Fuels and High Energy Liquid Propellants.

The group’s impeccable track record of continuous development and evolution with rapid modernization and stringent quality control practices and dedicated world class R&D and manufacturing infrastructure has ensured continuous growth and development of the company to the best in class and exports rising to more than 50 countries attributes to the company’s growth and success testimony. Our company was the first Indian Company to Indigenously develop and obtain Airworthiness Clearance for Aerolubes such as M-Swassolve (AL-31) and M-Swastol (AL-41). The group has on-going projects with the Indian Air Force for Indigenous design and development of Aerolubes and technology for reclamation of the Aerolubes.


Mineral and Synthetic Oils for Airborne Platforms having application in Hydraulic systems, Turbines/Propellors & Gearbox subjected to extreme high and low temperature.


Specially formulated GREASES using Mineral & Synthetic base oils with specialized additives for extreme temperature and pressure conditions. These are essentially used on Airborne Platforms where High Performance is required.


Specially developed Additives, Synthetic Esters (Conventional & Phthalate-free), Anti-corrosion formulations, and Protective liquids and sprays that are designed for wide operational applications in aviation, marine, and land defense systems.

Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) AL-41 & AL-31

FSII prevents formation of ice in fuels. It is mandatory additive in military aviation fuel specifications. Ideal for use in ATF & Aviation Gasoline. Ideal Additive for High Speed Diesel. Standard Dosage Rate with Aviation Fuel is 0.10% to 0.15%.

De-Icing Product Range

Type – I Aircraft De-icing Fluid
Type – II & IV Aircraft De-icing Fluid
Ground De-icing Fluids

High Energy Fuels & Propellants

Specially dedicated team and facility for 100% Indigenous design, development and production of speciality fuels for supersonic and hypersonic application (such as HSTDV).

Airborne & Ground Radar Coolants

Speciality formulations for synthesis of all kinds of Anti-freezes and Coolants for Airborne and Ground Applications ranging from Radars, Aircrafts, Missile Launchers to Tanks.