SWASTIK GROUP OF COMPANIES have continuously been working in tandem with the Indian Military Establishments with continuous support and development of new products in the interest of the nation.

The group is re-known for its specialization in the wide product range from Defence Lubricants and Industrial Lubricants, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas Drilling Fluids, Specialized Coolants, Hydraulic Brake fluids, Specialized Fuels and High Energy Liquid Propellants. Our company was the first Indian Company to Indigenously develop and obtain Airworthiness Clearance for Lubes and Speciality Fluids such as M-Swassolve (AL-31) and M-Swastol (AL-41). The group has on-going projects with the Indian Air Force for Indigenous design and development of Aerolubes and technology for reclamation of the Aerolubes.

The group takes pride in being an active member of the Expert Committee of the Directorate of Standardization under the Indian Ministry of Defence for Fuel, Oils and Lubricants. Additionally, the group has active members in the Committee of Bureau of Indian Standards for Hydraulic Brake fluid, Automotive and Industrial Coolants and Lubricants. The Group is involved in Round Robin testing
of our products like Hydraulic Brake fluid (DOT-3, DOT-4, DOT 5.1) with accredited laboratories like The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and our group companies.

We have Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Research and Development laboratories equipped with best in class testing facility with our team of Engineers and Technicians for maintaining the highest standards for our quality systems. Our laboratory has been approved by the Indian Defence Authorities like DGAQA, DGQA & CEMILAC.